Cultural Association “Circolo della Zampogna”

Accredited to act in an advisory capacity to the Intergovernmental Committee
established within UNESCO for the
“Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage”

The Cultural Association  “Circolo della Zampogna”  is a non-profit Italian cultural organization (NGO) that is actively working since 1990 for the safeguarding and promoting of the tradition, both musically and as a handicraft, connected with the zampogna (the bagpipe of the Centre and Southern Italy) and with the ciaramella (or piffero), the folk oboe traditionally played with the bagpipe.

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Some people say that there is no future for the zampogna …
… some others say that supporting the “Circolo” can give it a chance !

… Some argue that the bagpipes have no future …
… Others support the Cultural Association “Circolo della Zampogna” (“Bagpipes Club”)

that -since 1990- operates to safeguard the intangible cultural heritage linked to the world of bagpipes (in Molise region and in Italy) and to pass on the tradition of the bagpipes to future generations

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