Our Publications

DVD (DOUBLE) “1990-2005, 15 YEARS ON THE BAG SIDE”A synthesis in image and sound of the festivals, the meetings of bagpipers, and of the other initiatives realized by the Circolo from the moment of its foundation till 2005. Italian spoken € 20.00

“UTRICULUS”Quarterly magazine € 30.00

Videotape (VHS – PAL) “Living with the zampogna … under the light of the Mainarde mountain range”40 minutes of music, colours, sphere and traditions of Scapoli and its surroundings. € 15.00

Videotape (VHS – PAL) “La zampogna”Tutor for the Molisan bagpipe, and other information useful to know about the instrument. Italian spoken. € 10.00

CD “ZAMPOGNE D’EUROPA”Recordings of the bagpipes presented at the 1997 and 1998 International Bagpipe Festivals. € 10.00

CD “SUNAULOS”Live recordings of the international musicians concert participating at the Festival 2000, after an idea and under the direction of Luigi Cinque. An exciting disc, with a succession of the harmony of a variety of expressive registrations, in which the musical practice of jazz, rock e world music happily combine with instruments and repertoire of traditional music. € 10.00

CD “FLATUS CALAMI”Live recordings of the concert by Riccardo Tesi at the Festival of 2001. For those who love bagpipe music, and for those who wishes to rediscover it from an unheard point of view, this disc is a must. € 10.00

Tape “UTRICULUS”Songs and melodies for zampogna and ciaramella (performed by Lino Miniscalco, Mauro Gioielli and Piero Ricci). € 5.00

“PORTAVAMO LA CUCCHIARELLA”Stories and pictures of 20th century Molisan bagpipers, by Antonietta Caccia. Text in Italian. € 10.00

ZAMPOGNECatalogue of the Permanent Exhibition of Italian and Foreign Bagpipes. 170 photos in colour of the exhibited instruments. With an initial essay on the origin and typology of the bagpipes of Italia, by Mauro Gioielli. Text in Italian. € 10.00

“ZAMPOGNARI E ZAMPOGNE NELL’ARTE MOLISANA”(Bagpipes and bagpipers in Molisan art) – Figurative evidence of bagpipes and bagpipers in Molise, from the Middle Age till today, by Dora Catalano. Text in Italian. € 10.00

CD “LA ZAMPOGNA ANNUNZIATRICE”(The Announcing Bagpipe) Pastoral and Christmas Carols with zampogna and ciaramella, by Emanuele Nico Berardi. € 10.00

CD “CONTADO”(from the ancient name of the region) by the molisan musical group “il Tratturo”. The CD got bravos by the French magazine “Trad Magazine” € 10.00

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