The Association

Our identity card

Place and date of birth:
Scapoli (Province of Isernia), Italy, public meeting of November 25th, 1990, notarial act of 12.12.1990.

Legal status:
Cultural Association – non-profit organization.

Safeguard and promotion of the traditions, both musically and as a handicraft, connected with the zampogna (the bagpipe of the Centre and Southern Italy)
Geographical diffusion of members beyond Scapoli:
the rest of Molise, nearly all regions of Italy, European countries (France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Austria, Greece), non-European countries (USA, Canada).

Our address:
Cultural Association “Circolo della Zampogna”
Piazza Martiri di Scapoli
I – 86070 – SCAPOLI (IS)

Support you too the “Circolo della Zampogna” (“Bagpipes Club”)
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Ordinary Member: 30.00 €
Supporter Member: 55.00€