A brief history of the Association

The fundamental stages of our activities

  • the institution, in December 1991, of the Permanent Exhibition of Italian and Foreign Bagpipes.
  • the publication, starting January 1992, of our magazine Utriculus.
  • the revitalization and improvement of the Zampogna Exhibition Fair, annually held at the end of July, by combining it with a proper musical festival which started in July 1991, with the Week of the European Bagpipe, and developed, in the course of successive years, into the Zampogna Exhibition Fair and International Bagpipe Festival
  • the invention and development of the idea of the project Living with the Bagpipe within the sphere of the Community Leader Initiative II Programme (1994-2001)
  • the publication of books, CD’s, MC’s, Videos and DVD’s. starting the Music School for Zampogna and Ciaramella teaching.
  • the creation of the Italian Bagpipe Centre.
  • the creation (in February 1991) and organization, during 10 years, of the Raviolata, a manifestation for the promotion of the traditional Scapolese Carnival dish.
  • the organization of numerous meetings, seminars, exhibitions (in Italy and abroad) and participation at similar festivals (St. Chartier, Strakonice, other manifestations in Ireland, England and in other regions)

Besides, the Association

  • in the year 2008 has been co-founder of the Committee for the promotion of the Intangible Cultural Heritage from which originated ICHnet, Intangible Cultural Heritage network
  • in June 2012, has been accredited to act in an advisory capacity to the Intergovernmental Committee established within UNESCO for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage.